About Nina Cherney

I am a Montreal-based artist who paints abstracted landscape and still life paintings. Whether their focus gathers beneath a tree line or atop a kitchen table, these works are less invested in resemblance than in the quality of connection—of stillness and discovery—that such vistas can produce. The pulse of morning, the humming of the trees, nature’s clever flourishing: each captures a kind of inner weather.

In this way, hillside and horizon are not so much about the changing seasons as they are the journey that I share with the viewer. Far from the chatter of human voices, nature feeds us. Returning from a walk in the woods, I am at once energized and still. This gift of awe is what I seek in my work, the way that shape and colour can create a common language.

My work is playful and vibrant and I revel in outrageous and unexpected combinations. The edges formed by meeting layers not only trace a topography of the self, but also mark the process, the presence of my hand at the canvas.

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